Memjet Print Technology

Memjet technology

Memjet print headMemjet inkjet printing technology is a revolutionary step in inkjet printing. The ground breaking technology is now incorporated in many new label printers, such as the Afinia L801, Cyberdyne CDT-1600 C, Rapid X1,  SpeedStar 3000, Trojan One and VIPColor VP700, allowing them to create higher quality printings at a much faster rate.

The technology used in Memjet’s color printheads is a big leap forward. The color printheads utilize 70,400 jets to produce millions of ink drops per second. This “Waterfall” technology is energy-efficient and faster than most black and white printers. Memjet’s high-quality, water-based, four-color inks are formulated specifically for super-fast printing. The ink droplets from Memjet’s printheads absorb in milliseconds, ensuring that labels printed with the printhead and Memjet Formula Inks are complete when they exit the print path.

Memjet’s printhead technology is powered by a controller chip designed specifically for speed. The processing chip utilizes Memjet’s patented design to create one of the fastest chips in existence, ensuring that the Memjet printhead is able to function at peak performance. The modular software running Memjet’s printheads is developed by the company and allows the Memjet processing chip to quickly and seamlessly control the printhead.

People looking for the fastest, high-quality label printer should make sure they’re buying a product that utilizes Memjet inkjet printing technology. Memjet’s printheads are some of the fastest printheads on the market, and the printhead’s seamless integration with Memjet’s patented controller chip and software design solidifies Memjet’s position as a leader in inkjet printing technology.


What is the difference between all the following label printers using Memjet Technology?

Printer Manufacturer Difference Price USD
Afinia L801 Afinia Label  Microboards Technologies USA Label unwinder built into the chassis. Uses the standard Memjet 8.5” wide print engine $8,995.00
CDT-1600 C Cyberdyne Technologies Just the chassis with external label unwinder Over $15,000
X1 Rapid X Just the chassis with external label unwinder Over $15,000
SpeedStar 3000 Own-X Just the chassis with external label unwinder Over $13,000
Trojan One TrojanOne Just the chassis with external label unwinder Over $15,000
Vortex 850R & Vortex 851R Reprographic Technology International Just the chassis with external label unwinder Over $15,000

All of the above companies use the same Memjet technology with 8.5” wide memjet printhead. The only difference between each of the above printers is the chassis (body). Nicer the chassis, the more expensive the printer such as Rapid X1 and the TrojanOne. Internal hardware is identical.

What is the benefit of an internal label unwinder?

Since the label roll is inside the printer, the labels do not get dust or dust particles on them. When dust accumulates on the label substrate, the memjet printhead life will be reduced since it is very sensitive to dust.

What is the replacement cost of the Memjet printhead used with all the above label printers?

$425 USD dollars (Memjet ML210700 Print Head) used with above label printers and envelope printers. This Memjet printhead can be used with all the memjet label printers listed above.


Why is the Afinia L801 so much cheaper then all the others?

Its because of the distribution channel used to sell the printers. For example, Rapid X1 is manufactured in Australia by Rapid Systems and they have a sales agent in USA which sells to reseller who then sell to the end customer. Due to the US sales agents like Imidia Digital Technologies , the price of the Rapid X1 is generally over $15,00 USD in USA and Canada. These sales agent need to make large margins in order to carry inventory of these products and provide support.  However Afinia is a division of Microboards Technologies which is a  US based company with its office in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Since they are based in the USA, they do not have sales agents selling their products, therefore they are able to reduce the price and offer customers the best value on the Memjet technology based label printers.  Afinia works directly with companies like DuraFast Label Company to offer thier customers the best solution based on Memjet technology.  DuraFast not only sells the Afinia L801 Memjet label printer, but carry stock of the printheads, memjet ink cartridges and blank memjet labels and media for quick delivery to their customers across the USA and Canada.