UniNet iColor 900 High-Quality Color Label Printer

UniNet iColor 900 Color Label Press
UniNet iColor 900 Color Label Press

Get Your Own Production Grade Color Label Press with the iColor 900

Product labels printed by iColor 900
Product labels printed by iColor 900

The UniNet iColor 900 is a short-run digital label press that allows you to conveniently print your labels in-house to avoid costly revision fees from an outsourced printer. Although the iColor 900 has the same laser technology and top-of-the-line quality as the iColor 700, the former can print wider label media up to 12.9” wide versus the 8.5” labels that the iColor 700 can print. In addition to the wider labels, the iColor 900 can hold larger label media rolls, up to 12” outside diameter (OD) versus the iColor 700 which can only hold rolls up to 8” OD.

The UniNet iColor 900 is also the fastest production-grade digital color label press in the market. The iColor 900 can print at 1200 dpi with a speed of 30 feet per minute. This will allow you to to print over 2,000 full color labels in just a few minutes.

If your business ever needs to print high-quality labels, the UniNet iColor 900 could be a great fit. UniNet label printers are some of the top performing color label printers and the iColor 900 is our best production run printer. If you anticipate needing labels in excess of 50,000 feet per month, the iColor 900 is a must have.

UniNet iColor 900 is perfect for printing your color labels for specialty food labels, beverage labels, promotional labels, cosmetic labels and pharmaceutical labels, electronics labels and more. No matter what your label needs, for yourself or your clients, this printer will provide the quality and convenience that you are looking for.

The UniNet iColor 900 printer uses laser technology (Single Pass 4 Color LED) which uses dry toner and an electric charge to adhere to the labels. Laser technology has many advantages over traditional inkjet printing. It will print the most consistent colors and create the most durable label. Plus, the Single Pass 4 Color LED laser technology will operate at a much lower temperature versus competing laser printers, therefore allowing you to use a larger variety of different label media. Laser printed labels will not smudge or smear because the toner is applied dry. Additionally, label printers are also more economical in upkeep costs and are much faster when it comes to printing speeds.

UniNet iColor 900 Toner Cartridges are affordable and GHS- / BS5609-compliant when used with DuraFast Chemical Labels. There are a wide range of color and size options, which means that it will be easy to find exactly what you need for your label printing projects.

The iColor 900 printer can print both UV and water-resistant labels on a just-in-time basis. UniNet iColor 900 can print die-cut labels–either with matrix on or matrix off—or continuous roll labels. The latter can then be finished using a digital label finishing system. This printer also has a white toner option, allowing you to print white on clear or black labels.

If your business is in the market for a small to medium run color label printer, consider the UniNet iColor 900 today. DuraFast also offers a convenient business leasing program that will allow you to lease this machine starting from $1100 USD per month. Talk to a DuraFast label specialist to help you with your digital label printing needs today.

Beverage labels printed by iColor 900
Beverage labels printed by iColor 900


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