Primera Technology’s New Primera LX1000 GHS Label Printer

Primera LX1000 GHS Label Printer
Primera LX1000 GHS Label Printer

Primera Technology recently retired its LX900 color label printer, and in its place, introduced the new Primera LX1000 color label printer. The LX1000, unlike the LX900 is a pigment inkjet color label printer. This printer basically is the same as the Primera LX2000 with some features removed (like the cutter and network adapter) or modified (such as a reduced print speed) so that Primera could offer a lower cost printer to fit the gap LX900 left.

Since the LX900 used dye-based inks, it would produce more vibrant colors when compared to the pigment inks in the LX1000 or LX2000.  Like its predecessor, the Primera LX1000 has a high print resolution of 4800dpi, but it uses pigment inks, which are not as vibrant, photogenic or sharp as the dye-based inks.

We would not recommend upgrading from the LX900 to the LX1000 as it makes no business sense since customers would notice a difference in the colors of their labels. The LX1000 is also only a temporary product offered by Primera to offer customers a lower price point until their new dye-based inkjet printer is ready, most likely in early 2018.

We are happy to provide customers with printed samples so that they can see the difference between the LX900’s dye inks and the LX1000’s pigment inks. Then they can judge for themselves which print technology they like more. Just email us your design file.

What Does it Cost?

On March 15, 2017 when Primera Technology announced the “End of Life” of the Primera LX900, they also introduce the Primera LX1000, targeting customers that wanted the LX900 or had a limited budget at a price of $2495 USD. In June 2017, the retail price of the LX1000 increased to $2795. At this time, many customers could not afford the Primera LX2000, which was selling at $3595 USD.

What’s Different between LX900, LX1000 and LX2000?

Primera LX1000 targets the needs of potential LX900 users and was priced the same initially, but it uses a different print technology. Instead of the dye-based inks of the LX900, the Primera LX1000 uses the pigment-based inks of the LX2000. In fact, the Primera LX1000 uses the same print technology as the Primera LX2000 — and at a lower price.

Pigment inks are more durable than dye inks when used with matte labels. Pigment inks generally are not recommended for shiny or high gloss surfaces, and are not quite as vibrant. For example, if you print matte paper or matte chemical labels using the pigment inks, they will be very durable. The matte chemical labels will be fully waterproof and alcohol resistant.  However, if you print glossy polypropylene labels using pigment-based inks, they will not be as durable when compared to dye-based inks.

So, in order to understand if you should use a pigment- or dye-based inkjet printer, you need to first decide what type of label you want to produce such as matte labels like paper, chemical GHS BS5609-compliant labels, or shiny high gloss labels made from paper or synthetics like polypropylene, polyester or vinyl. Synthetic labels made from polypropylene or polyester films are, however, much more resistant to water, chemicals, oils when compared to paper-based labels. Paper-based labels like matte paper and high gloss paper are the most popular due to their low cost.

If you need to produce GHS BS5609-compliant labels, then a pigment-based inkjet is the only option. When used with DuraFast Chemical label stock for the LX1000/LX2000, these printers can print labels that can withstand long-term immersion in saltwater and other harsh environmental conditions. This is only possible when you use this specific label media with a matte finish.

Thus, if you need to print GHS BS5609 chemical labels, the LX1000 color label printer has the capabilities to do so when combined with our BS5609 chemical labels. However, if you wanted to produce a GHS BS5609 chemical label with a glossy finish, then you would need to use the UniNet iColor 700 laser label printer.

The Primera LX1000 vs the Primera LX2000

Essentially the same printers, there are a few differences between the LX1000 and LX2000:

  • The new Primera LX1000 prints at 4 inches per second in draft mode whereas the LX2000 is faster at 6 inches per second in draft mode. In high resolution mode, which is what most users will use, the speeds are much slower with the LX1000 printing at 0.54 inches per second and the LX2000 printing at 0.8 inches per second. The Primera LX900 also printed at 0.8 inches per second in high resolution print mode.
  • The LX1000 features a USB 2.0 interface only whereas the LX2000 offers Ethernet and wireless connections.
  • The LX1000 does not have the “pizza wheel” cutter like the LX2000. Since these printers are designed to print blank pre-die cut labels with rounded corners on rolls, the pizza wheel cutter does not provide any major benefit.
  • The LX1000 includes printer drivers for Windows 7, 8, and 10 with no plans for a Mac printer driver. The LX2000 has Mac drivers also available. So, if you wanted to use your printer with a MAC, then the LX2000 is your only option.

If you have considered purchasing the Primera LX2000 color label printer, then you should seriously look at the LX1000 since it uses the exact same print technology and the same ink cartridges at a lower cost. The operating cost on both printers is exactly the same.

If you were considering the Primera LX900 color label printer, then we recommend that you consider one of the other dye-based inkjet label printers in the market, such as the Afinia L301, Afinia L501, or VIPColor VP485. All of these are great for anyone producing fewer than 3,000 labels per month. If you will be producing more than 3,000 labels per month, then you should seriously look at the Afinia L801 and Epson TM-C7500G. These two printers have the lowest ink cost and operating cost in the industry.  For example, the Epson TM-C7500G has no replacement print head and has large 340ml ink cartridges. The ink cost per label will be significantly lower when compared to any of the Primera inkjet color label printers.

Talk to DuraFast Label Company Before You Buy Your Next Color Label Printer

Why talk to DuraFast Label Company? DuraFast Label Company sells all of the leading color label printers in the market manufactured by Primera Technology, Epson, Afinia, VIPColor and others.

When you talk to DuraFast Label Company as opposed to talking to any manufacturer directly, our sales staff will be able to give you the strengths of each printer without any type of bias.

The most important service we provide is our free sample label service. We will print samples of your design file on the different printers you are considering as well as provide you with the ink cost for each printer. This allows you to evaluate both the printed sample label quality and the actual ink cost per label so that you can make an informed decision.

Many first-time label printer customers make the mistake of purchasing based on the printer’s cost because it’s affordable. However, they fail to look at the monthly operating cost of the printer. The “affordable printers” generally have a higher ink cost per label and could result in spending thousands of dollars each year on ink cartridges. So, it’s very important to consider the ink cost of each printer.

Send us your design file to find see how your labels will look, and much ink will cost, when printed on the different color label printers.