Streamline Outdoor Operations with the Zebra ZQ310 Plus Mobile Printer – A Game Changer for Canadian Businesses

Zebra ZQ310 Mobile Printer for Outdoor use
Zebra ZQ310 Mobile Printer for Outdoor use

The Canadian market, with its dynamic weather and diverse terrains, demands the most rugged and efficient tools for outdoor operations. The Zebra ZQ310 Plus Mobile Printer, model ZQ31-A0E04T0-00, is designed to meet and exceed these demands, making it a game changer for Canadian businesses.

A Closer Look at the Zebra ZQ310 Plus Mobile Printer

The Zebra ZQ310 Plus is an advanced mobile printer boasting a 2-inch print width and Direct Thermal printing technology. Its outdoor-optimized features, coupled with Bluetooth 4.X connectivity and no label sensor, make it ideal for uninterrupted, on-the-go receipt printing in Canada’s vast landscapes.

Key Features

Direct Thermal Printing: Cost-effective and reliable, Direct Thermal printing ensures sharp, long-lasting prints – vital for outdoor applications.

Bluetooth 4.X Connectivity: Ensures fast, seamless pairing with various devices, allowing for hassle-free mobile printing across Canadian terrains.

No Label Sensor: This model is specially designed for receipt printing in outdoor environments, eliminating the need for a label sensor.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of the Canadian outdoors, this printer’s sturdy construction is suited for extreme conditions.

Unmatched Affordability and Availability for Canadian Market

The Zebra ZQ310 Plus (ZQ31-A0E04T0-00) is priced at just $645 CAD, offering unmatched value to Canadian businesses. But that’s not all; this model is in stock and ready for immediate shipment! This is crucial for businesses that cannot afford any downtime.

Comparing the Zebra ZQ310 Plus Models

Zebra offers three variants of the ZQ310 Plus Mobile Printer, including the ZQ31-A0W03R0-00 and ZQ31-A0E14T0-00 models. These models, while not in stock, are available for order with a lead time of up to 6 weeks. This allows you to choose the printer best suited to your needs.

Why It’s a Must-Have for Canadian Businesses

Canadian businesses often face unique challenges due to the country’s climate and geographical diversity. The Zebra ZQ310 Plus, with its rugged design and outdoor-optimized features, is an investment that can streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ultimately, drive success for businesses across Canada.

Final Thoughts

Invest in a mobile printer that’s built for the Canadian outdoors. The Zebra ZQ310 Plus Mobile Printer (ZQ31-A0E04T0-00) is not only rugged but also remarkably efficient. With an attractive price tag of $798 and immediate availability, there’s no better time than now for Canadian businesses to seize this opportunity.

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