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DuraFast Label Company

DuraFastTM Label Company was established in 2012, as a division of Sector Nine Distribution Limited. We specialize in serving the “do-it-yourself” label printing market both for industrial and product label printing. Recognizing the advanced capabilities of modern high speed and high resolution color label printers, we realized that traditional label stock doesn’t always measure up. Cheap labels often smudge, fade, or deteriorate over time. Some fail to deliver the crisp images these color label printers are capable of. DuraFastTM labels are designed specifically for these printers, ensuring that your color label printer’s output is placed on a worthy durable, colorfast label. In fact, DuraFastTM Chemical Labels are BS 5609 certified.

We are committed to providing comprehensive printing solutions designed for in-house, on-demand color label printing. In addition to selling exceptional quality blank labels, we also carry Epson and Primera printers, ink cartridges, and supplies. Our consultants can help you choose a complete color label printing system based on your specific product or industrial labeling needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To provide durable, colorfast labels of the highest standard along with prompt, friendly service.

Contact us today to experience our mission in action.

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