Buying the Colordyne CDT 1600 C Memjet Label Printer

Colordyne CDT 1600c Memjet Color Label Printer

Colordyne 1600c Memjet Label PrinterBuying the Colordyne CDT 1600 C Memjet Label Printer

For its class, the Colordyne CDT 1600 C is one of the fastest option you have for digital label and tag printing. Based out of Wisconsin, Colordyne Technologies is a dedicated force in the digital color label printing industry that provides you with the materials you need to create a robust in-house label printing solution.

Memjet Innovations for Your Colordyne Printer

The most significant Memjet innovation is the use of a single printhead with no moving parts. This reduces the possibility for printing errors and mechanical failures, and it creates a more elegant and simple printing process than the leading alternatives. The single Memjet printhead stretches across the entire printing area (8.5” wide), allowing you to print from edge to edge on continuous or die cut label rolls.

Types of Memjet Labels and Appropriate Markets for the CDT 1600 C

The CDT 1600 C is capable of producing color labels and tags that range from 2 to 8 inches in width. This allows it to produce labels in various sizes at exceptionally high quality. The real advantage of the CDT 1600 C, however, is its speed. It is capable of printing at a speed of 60 feet per second at normal quality and 300 feet per second while on its high quality settings. This makes the printer ideal for large scale industrial applications and other high volume settings. Businesses that use the CDT 1600 C also have the option to easily provide other businesses and side ventures with private labeling services, which increases the number of ways this printer provides for a return on its initial investment.

The CDT 1600 C’s Technical Specifications

On its normal quality setting, the CDT 1600 C prints at a resolution of 1600 x 800 dots per inch, and it prints at 1600 x 1600 dots per inch on its highest quality setting. It weighs 70 pounds, and it measures 21 x 21 x 11 inches. It includes options to set up an interface using either USB 2.0 or Ethernet connections, and it is compatible with Windows OS.

The printer uses a five-cartridge system that delivers up to 740 million ink droplets per second. Each cartridge contains 250 milliliters of fluid, and it is possible to replace each one individually as necessary.

Creating Your Own Printing Solution With the Colordyne CDT 1600 C

Colordyne Technologies provides you with its CDT 1600 C as a way to build your own high volume label printing solution. Making exceptional use of Memjet’s pioneering printhead technology, the CDT 1600 provides you with the centerpiece you need to produce full color labels and tags with striking speed and efficiency.