Laser Label Printer Review: UniNet iColor 700 & Primera CX1000

Primera CX1000 laser label printer
Primera CX1000 laser label printer

What’s the difference between UniNet iColor 700 and the Primera CX1000 color label printers?

UniNet iColor 700 color laser label printer
UniNet iColor 700 color laser label printer

Label laser printers are getting more and more sophisticated. The Primera CX1000 and UniNet iColor 700 are fine new label printers that have both benefits and drawbacks to each. There are several things to consider when choosing between the two devices.

Both printers are very similar in terms of media handling including media width, print width, and media sensing. The iColor 700 is a little more flexible though, accepting media from 6” to 8.5″ wide while the CX1000 can only use 8.5″ wide.

The UniNet iColor 700 labels are printed twice as fast as compared to the Primera CX1000 labels which makes a huge difference too many businesses. The CX1000 prints at 16.25 feet per minute while the iColor 700 prints at 30 feet per minute.

Another big difference is that the iColor 700 allows users to remove the matrix and print pre-die cut labels while the Primera CX1000 requires the matrix to be left on for pre-die cut label printing. Once the labels have been printed on the Primera CX1000, an additional matrix removal system is required to remove the matrix and slit the rolls on to individual rolls, if you are going to be using a label applicator to apply the labels. The UniNet iColor 700 allows you to install a 4” wide optional fuser unit, which allows you to print labels one across, with matrix removed; therefore you can take and put the labels into your label applicator without any additional equipment purchase. This flexibility allows many more choices for label manufacturers when dealing with the iColor 700 label printer

Resolution is always important when making a decision on printer purchases. In this case, the Primera CX1000 is better than the UniNet iColor 700. The Primera CX1000 prints at a resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi while the iColor is 1200 x 600 dpi.

As a cost saving measure, the iColor 700 use separate toner cartridges and drum unit. On the other hand, the Primera CX1000 uses a single unit toner and drum unit. So when you change the toner on the Primera CX1000, you also replace the drum unit at the same time. For the iColor 700, you only replace the drum after every two toner cartridges have been changed; therefore saving you up to 20% in consumable cost. As a result, the Primera CX1000 toner ends up costing more.  The iColor 700 also has a white toner option, which allows you to print white on clear labels or on black labels. Currently there are no white toner options from Primera.

Overall, Primera CX1000 label printer provide good features such as 2400 dpi high resolution laser label printing. However, the Uninet iColor 700 label printer is much more flexible (printing with matrix on or off and printing media from 3” to 8.5” wide), faster (30 fps versus 16.25 fps) and lower cost to operate (lower toner cost). They are the superior choice for most businesses with cost saving features that make for a smart long-term investment. The UniNet iColor 700 is one of the best laser label printers on the market.

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