Using the Primera LX500 to Print on Matte and High Gloss Paper Labels

LX500 label printer
Primera LX500 color label printer is sold by durafast label company

The affordable Primera LX500 boasts a print resolution of 4800dpi, making it a fantastic choice for small business product labeling. It is commonly used with matte and high gloss paper labels, which are economical and attractive. Matte LX500 paper labels are generally white with a matte finish while high gloss LX500 paper labels have a shiny finish. The finish can help you achieve a certain look, feel, and mood with your labels.

Matte and high gloss LX500 paper labels are often used for printing:

  • Prime product labels — Like wine bottle labels, coffee and tea labels, candy labels, candle labels, and so on.
  •  Name badges and tags — With or without adhesive on the back. LX500 matte paper labels can also be used for visitors passes in schools and offices.
  • Marketing and office labels — LX500 high gloss round labels add a special touch to packaging and existing marketing materials.
  • Bakery labels — Since LX500 matte and high gloss labels can be printed on demand and in small quantities, they are often used in bakeries, delis, industrial kitchens, and restaurants to present a more professional product.

Plus, LX500 matte & high gloss paper labels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes including pre-die-cut and continuous label rolls as this table from DuraFast Label Company shows:

SKUTypeSizeLabels/Roll Price/Roll
922008Matte2.75″ x 100 feet (LX500c)100′$ 29.95
922007Matte4″ x 100 feet (LX500c)100′$ 32.95
922005Matte1″ Circle1,600$ 17.95
922001Matte3″ x 2″800$ 24.95
922002Matte3″ x 2.5″700$ 25.95
922003Matte4″ x 2″800$ 27.95
922004Matte4″ x 3″600$ 28.95
921007High Gloss3″ x 100 feet (LX500c)100′$ 25.95
921008High Gloss4″ x 100 feet (LX500c)100′$ 28.95
921003High Gloss1″ Circle1,500$ 23.95
921004High Gloss1″ x 8″225$ 32.95
74716High Gloss1.375″ Circle1,200$ 21.95
74703High Gloss1.5″ x 1.5″1,00$ 25.95
74713High Gloss1.75 Circle1,00$ 27.95
74704High Gloss2″ x 1″1,700$ 28.95
74718High Gloss2″ x 2″900$ 29.95
921002High Gloss2″ x 5″375$ 29.95
74705High Gloss2″ x 6″300$ 28.95
74707High Gloss2.5″ Circle700$ 31.95
74719High Gloss2.5″ x 6″300$ 28.95
74706High Gloss2.5″ x 7″250$ 31.95
921009High Gloss2.625″ x 1″1,700$ 55.00
74724High Gloss3″ x 1″1,700$ 32.95
921005High Gloss3″ x 2″900$ 32.95
74708High Gloss3″ x 2.5″700$ 33.95
74715High Gloss3″ x 5″375$ 33.95
74709High Gloss3″ x 6″300$ 42.95
74721High Gloss4″ x 1.5″1,000$ 37.95
74710High Gloss4″ x 2″900$ 37.95
74711High Gloss4″ x 3″600$ 37.95
74722High Gloss4″ x 3″ NP600$ 39.95
74723High Gloss4″ x 4″450$ 36.95
74712High Gloss4″ x 6″300$ 37.95

DuraFast Label Company manufactures LX500 matte and high gloss labels specifically for the Primera LX500. When you purchase the Primera LX500 from DuraFast Label Company, make sure to use discount code “LX500” to receive $150 worth of free labels with your printer purchase.