Guide to the Rapid X1 Memjet Color Label Printer

Rapid X1 label printer

Guide to the Rapid X1 Color Label Printer with Memjet Inket Technology

In operation since the 1970s in Australia, Rapid Label Systems intends for its X1 printer to distinguish its line of products that make creating your own complete label production system simple and easy. Distributed in USA by Imidia Digital Technologies based in Florida, maintains a commitment to providing printing solutions for businesses to create labels for in-house purposes or to operate as contractors to fulfill the label needs of other businesses. These unique printers, such as the X1, provide labels at a speed and cost that makes for an attractive return on the necessary initial investment in them.

What Memjet Label Printer Technology Is Capable Of

The Rapid X1 color printer takes advantage of Memjet technology, which is a revolutionizing force in the label printing industry. With only a single Memjet printhead and no moving parts, the Memjet system uses Waterfall Printhead Technology to distribute 70 million droplets of ink each second. When compared with traditional inkjet printers with moving parts, printers that use Memjet technology, such as the X1, operate with costs that are eight times lower than even black-and-white printers.

Additionally, the Memjet system makes it possible to print on materials from edge to edge, even using rolls of die cut labels. The printer’s capabilities give you the choice of a variety of Memjet label materials, including paper with matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishes as well as synthetic substrates, such as polyester and polypropylene.

The Memjet Labels That the Rapid X1 Printer Produces

Printing at either 1600 x 1600 dots per inch or 1600 x 800 dots per inch, the Rapid X1 produces labels of striking vibrancy and quality. While the printer is ideal for almost any application, this system is best suited for in-house operations that need to produce a variety of labels that use different data and images. Small-scale producers of retail and food goods, such as coffee roasters, wine distributors and artisanal producers of various kinds, are positioned especially well to take advantage of the Rapid X1 color printer’s ability to produce small or large quantities of labels whenever necessary. However, service companies, freight shippers, couriers and parts manufacturers also stand to benefit.

Technical Specifications of the Rapid X1 Color Label Printer

The maximum printing speed of the Rapid X1 is 60 feet per minute. The body of the printer features all-steel construction. Each color in its five-color system comes in separate 250 milliliter containers. Its web width ranges from 50 to 220 millimeters. It is compatible with Windows XP and 7.

Adapting Your System

Purchasing the Rapid X1 color label printer, which generally costs around $17,000, is the first step in implementing your own label making solution. Whether fulfilling the needs of other businesses or providing for your own cost-efficient labels, a label solution that utilizes Memjet technology is certain to provide the efficiency and low cost that you need to receive an attractive return on your investment.

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