SpeedStar 3000 Color Label Printer Powered By Memjet

Speedstar 3000 Memjet label printer

About SpeedStar 3000

SpeedStar 3000 is appropriately named for its amazing speed when it comes to printing out labels. Jobs of all sizes can be completed within tight deadlines with a SpeedStar printer.

The SpeedStar 3000 is specifically designed for industrial jobs. Self-contained components that work together to handle large jobs are easy to maintain and access for repair. The number of components used in the printer is kept minimal to reduce the need for maintenance and keep operation simple.

The industrial application of the printer is apparent in the ink cartridge size. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink cartridges used with the SpeedStar 3000 hold 250 ml to ensure that ink does not run out when an industrial job is being completed.

Memjet Inkjet Technology

Memjet is the leader when it comes to inkjet technology. The company is constantly researching and developing solutions for printers to be used in office and industrial settings. Efficient technology used in the SpeedStar 3000 color label printer allows the device to quickly print labels while keeping costs under control.

What sets Memjet inkjet technology apart? Start with a printhead that contains tens of thousands of jets that can transfer millions of ink droplets to label paper every second. Add a controller chip that is specifically designed to increase the speed of each job. The final touch is proprietary software that allows the printer to combine efficiency and quality when completing jobs.

SpeedStar 3000 Color Label Printer

The printhead on the SpeedStar 3000 color label printer is designed to be efficient for any job size. This versatility means that the printer is ideal for commercial applications.

Other features of the SpeedStar 3000 color label printer include:

  • Drop-on-demand thermal inkjet printing
  • Spots for cyan, magenta, yellow and two black ink cartridges
  • A maximum print quality of 1600 dots per inch (dpi)
  • Compatible with both roll and fan fold paper
  • Contains an integrated cutter
  • Quality is ideal for barcodes and graphics
  • Software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Apple OSX
  • Fixed-architecture printhead cuts down on noise and vibration when the printer is in use
  • Energy-efficient technology reduces electricity costs when running a print job

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