TrojanOne Color Label Printer Powered By Memjet Technology

Trojanlabel TrojanOne label printer


Trojanlabel is a developer of color printers that works closely in conjunction with Memjet technology. This cooperative agreement allows the company to bring the advanced technologies developed by Memjet to life. Affordable price points allow clients of any size to invest in a Trojanlabel color label printer to replace black and white printers.

Trojanlabel maintains research and development centers in Dubai, Denmark and Hungary to ensure that clients are offered the latest in color label printing technology. Manufacturing is done in China to ensure a high-quality product that can be provided to the client at a low cost.

TrojanOne Color Label Printer

The TrojanOne Color Label Printer is an exclusive printer that utilizes Memjet technology to offer quality, speed and affordability in one machine.

Label Printing

The primary purpose of the TrojanOne Color Label Printer is to make color printing affordable enough for any company. Companies that were previously limited to black and white printing because of the prohibitive costs of investing in a color label printer can consider this printer to fill their needs without compromising tight corporate budgets.

Reliability is the focus of both Trojanlabel and Memjet when it comes to the TrojanOne Color Label Printer. The industrial design of the printer allows for quick prints without taking up a substantial amount of office space as other label printers do.

The clean-cut lines and crisp colors provided by the TrojanOne Color Label Printer allow companies to print labels for any item. Bar code labels are easily scanned because of the precision offered by the printer.

Key Features

Reliability, affordability and speed are the three benefits of the printer. These benefits are delivered through key features including:

  • 1600 dpi quality at 25 to 50 percent of the cost as compared to thermotransfer printing
  • Printing speeds of 300 mm/second ( to allow large jobs to be printed in a short period of time
  • An innovative feeder and winder system that is specifically designed to prevent shutdowns in the system
  • A vertical cutter that allows label sheets to be neatly cut instead of being rolled or folded

Additional Specifications

Businesses that are considering the TrojanOne Color Label Printer for their needs can consider the specifications listed below when making a decision.

  • Can operate in temperatures ranging from 5 to 35 degrees Celsius
  • Can be stored in temperatures ranging from 40 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Offers a user-friendly touchscreen for operating every function of the printer
  • LED lights indicate when the printer is ready and warn users about errors

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