Should You Order Supply Chain Labeling Software?

Print produce labels with the Epson TM-C3500 color label printer

BarTender 2016 label design and barcode softwareIf you’ve recently invested in color label printers to improve order tracking, warehousing, inventory management, logistics, or supply chain management, you already know that the ability to quickly produce your own shipping and tracking labels can improve efficiency and productivity. However, are you producing these labels in the most efficient manner possible?

While most industrial color label printers come with basic label design software, it may be worthwhile to use more robust supply chain labeling software. For example, BarTender 2016 Enterprise Automation barcode and label design software is an ideal solution for supply chain labeling, as is NiceLabel Design Pro software.

Having more robust supply chain labeling software than what comes in the box enables you to:

  • Integrate your color label printers with ERP systems such as Oracle, IBM WebSphere, and SAP. Enterprise-level integration will reduce data entry errors, increase labeling accuracy, and improve efficiencies.
  • Centralize the management of your supply chain labeling processes while also ensuring that any existing process controls and business rules are enforced. This consolidation also reduces redundancies and duplications.
  • Create standardized supply chain labels across the organization. The centralized management of supply chain labeling software allows you to ensure that all of your label printers have access to the same standardized designs, formats, security features, and symbologies. At the same time, you can allow for regional differences such as units of measure or varying regulations.
  • Comply with applicable regulations. Whether your labeled items are subject to GHS BS5609 labeling requirements, FDA food and nutrition labeling requirements, traceability requirements, or any other regulation, using supply chain labeling software helps to ensure compliance across the organization. A few industries that can benefit from full-featured label and barcode design software include: food service, food and beverage production and processing, medical device manufacturing, and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Take advantage of RFID technology. BarTender 2016 software, for example, supports RFID label printing, allowing you to design your RFID labels so that your designs don’t interfere with the embedded RFID circuit. With an RFID label printer and supply chain labeling software, you can track inventory and raw materials as they move through the supply chain.

NiceLabel designer label design and barcode softwareBoth BarTender 2016 and Nice Label barcode and label design software have editions suitable for supply chain labeling. We recommend trying both brands, focusing on the automation or enterprise automation editions, to find out which program is best suited for your needs.

Download a free trial of supply chain labeling software today and find out how much more value you can get out of your investment in color label printers.