The Role of Chemical Labeling Software When Printing Your Own Chemical Labels

Print GHS labels with the Epson TM-C3500 label printer

If you produce products subject to merchant shipping regulations, International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG), GHS (Global Harmonized System), or BS5609 (British Standard 5609) labeling requirements, you will need to label them accordingly — and your labels must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. There’s a lot involved including using a GHS BS5609-certified label printer and inks, GHS BS5609-certified chemical label stock for that specific label printer, and chemical labeling software.

Assuming you already have a compliant label printer and use DuraFast Chemical labels certified for use with your specific label printer, what role does chemical labeling software play?

  • Chemical labeling software includes required elements. Chemical labeling software makes it much easier to design GHS BS5609-compliant labels complete with all necessary disclaimers, statements, and pictographs. For example, GHS labels require: a product identifier, GHS pictograms, signal words (like “DANGER” or “WARNING”, supplier information, hazard statements, and precautionary statements.
  • You can use templates with chemical labeling software. With chemical labeling software, you can work off of a GHS template and insert the appropriate statements and pictograms quickly and easily. Chemical labeling software such as BarTender 2016 Automation Edition and NiceLabel Automation includes all of the standard items specified by various chemical labeling standards as well as helps to enforce the rules of each standard.
  • You can integrate chemical labeling software with Oracle, SAP, and other ERP systems. If you use Oracle, SAP, or another ERP system, consider upgrading to compatible chemical labeling software such as BarTender 2016 Enterprise Automation Edition or NiceLabel Automation Enterprise. Once set up, you can populate your GHS label template with variable data imported from your Oracle or SAP database, making it easy to quickly generate compliant GHS labels ready to print on your GHS label printer.

DuraFast Label Company Has Everything You Need to Print GHS BS5609 Labels

BarTender 2016 Automation Edition for GHS Label Design
BarTender 2016 Automation Edition for GHS Label Design Software

BarTender 2016 Automation Edition for GHS Label DesignDuraFast Label Company prides itself on offering comprehensive label printing solutions based on the unique needs of each of our customers. If you want to produce your own GHS BS5609 chemical labels in house, we can help you select:

  • A GHS BS5609 color label printer — We have the best brands in the industry including GHS label printers from Epson, Primera, Afinia, iSys Label, and UniNet. We can help you select the best label printer for your needs based on the number of labels you intend to print each month, print quality preferences, and other requirements you may have.
  • GHS BS5609 compliant label stock — Our GHS BS5609-certified labels are certified for each specific GHS label printer we sell. They are not cross compatible, making it important to select the right chemical labels certified for use with your chemical label printer.
  • Chemical labeling software — We highly recommend using chemical labeling software such as BarTender Automation or NiceLabel Automation to ensure that your designs are compliant, too. Download a free trial of BarTender 2016 Automation or NiceLabel Automation to see which one you prefer.

If you need any help, DuraFast Label Company’s chemical labeling specialists are available during normal business hours.