Using RFID Software to Print “Smart” Labels

Primera RX900 Color RFID Label and Tag Printer

What are RFID Labels?

RFID (radio frequency identification) labels are similar to barcodes in that they contain embedded information that can be read by a reader. However, they’re much smarter. For example, they don’t need to be in the direct line of sight of the reader which means that you can track an RFID labeled item as it moves through a production line, warehouse, shopping center, library, or other location. RFID labels contain an embedded chip and antenna that communicate with the reader. You can print graphics and text on these labels just like you would with any other blank labels. However, in order to program the RFID component so that your labels relay information to RFID readers, you’ll need to use RFID encoding software.

What RFID Software Does

We recommend using RFID encoding software such as BarTender 2016 Professional or NiceLabel Designer Pro. These programs allow you to both design a professional-looking RFID label — complete with graphics and text — as well as encode the embedded RFID tag within. In addition to the RFID software, you’ll need blank RFID labels and a label printer that supports RFID encoding such as the Primera RX900 color RFID label printer.

RFID software also helps to ensure that your label design doesn’t cover the embedded RFID antenna. For example, if you use BarTender 2016 Professional, Automation, or Enterprise Automation label design and RFID software, you’ll see an onscreen display of your label substrate clearly showing the placement of the RFID antenna and chip. This outline helps you to avoid placing graphics and text over undesirable areas of the label, which could interfere with the RFID transmission.

RFID software lets you program the RFID chip so that it contains the specific information you need it to contain. Depending on your needs, you can enter the data as you design your labels or you could import a database containing the data. RFID software like NiceLabel Desginer Pro and BarTender 2016 Professional support both fixed and variable data.

While your RFID label printer may have come with basic encoding software, we highly recommend using dedicated label, barcode, and RFID software to design, print, and encode your RFID labels. These applications are purpose built for designing compliant labels and barcodes — including RFID labels. You’ll find them easier to use than standard drivers, and they’re loaded with features and templates that make producing professional, compliant RFID labels a simple matter.

DuraFast Label Company carries everything you need to print and encode RFID labels including the Primera RX900 color RFID label printer, blank RFID labels, and RFID software from both NiceLabel and Seagull Scientific, the maker of BarTender 2016.

Contact a DuraFast representative to learn more or download a free trial of RFID software.