3 Years After the UDI Compliance Final Rule Are You In Compliance?

September 24, 2016 represents yet another UDI compliance deadline, even now, three years after the Final Rule went into effect. With the passing of this deadline, Class III UDI devices intended to be reused and reprocessed in between uses must now include a permanent UDI marking directly on it. In addition, class II medical device labels and packages now much bear a UDI label with the UDI information submitted to GUDID.

Did this deadline sneak up on you? If you need a fast, affordable, convenient, and professional way to produce UDI labels, talk to us! Whether your facility produces a handful of devices that now fall under the new UDI labeling rules or thousands per day, DuraFast Label Company can help you set up a UDI-compliant label printing solution in your facility.

We can help you select a UDI label printer as well as UDI label design software such as NiceLabel 2017. If you have existing label printers, download a free 30-day trial of NiceLabel 2017 now.