New Revenue Stream with a Media Transfer Printer

Whether you run a home-based craft business or a commercial print shop, adding a media transfer printer, such as the UniNet iColor 300, 500, or 600, to your operations could be a game-changer.

Media Transfer Printing for Home-Based Businesses

For example, many home-based crafters get hooked on making custom t-shirts with compact cutting machines, vinyl, and a heat press. Their family members, friends, and potential customers love their creations and a home-based business is born. While this sort of setup is fine for small orders, the process of cutting and weeding vinyl is tedious, time-consuming, and limited to the color of the vinyl selected. A single t-shirt could take hours of painstaking labor to create.

By investing in a media transfer printer such as a UniNet iColor media transfer printer, you can print your designs onto a media transfer sheet — not vinyl. Like vinyl, the transfer sheet’s image is applied to the t-shirt (or other item) with a heat press. Only the ink for the image is transferred, allowing the underlying material to appear in blank areas. Rather than having a single color for the design as you would with vinyl, you can use all of the colors supported by the printer. Thus, if you use the iColor 300, you can take advantage of full color printing. Optional white and optional florescent toner kits are also available.

Now, you can print dozens of transfers in a matter of minutes. Your productivity will soar and the quality and durability of your designs will be exceptional.

Media Transfer Printing for Print Shops

As a print shop owner, you may not be interested in venturing into the t-shirt making business — and you don’t need to. However, you may have customers who want a cost-effective, professional way to make their own media transfer designs without having to invest in their own media transfer printers (for example, the home-based crafting segment discussed above). Simply print and deliver media transfer sheets and let your customers take care of transferring their own designs.

Tshirts printed with iColor Media Transfer Printers
Tshirts printed with iColor Media Transfer Printers

If you are interested in doing the transfers in-house, add a heat press. With this choice, you can benefit from marking and selling apparel, mousepads, hats, and other items.

Meanwhile, UniNet’s iColor media transfer printers are versatile workhorses that will find many uses in your printing business such as label and banner printing. With an iColor media transfer printer, you can now offer your customers short production runs of product labels, decals, and banners.

Print your own mouse pads with iColor media transfer printer
Print your own mouse pads with iColor media transfer printer

Whether you work out of your home or in a print shop, adding media transfer printing to your mix is a great way to add another revenue stream. Learn more about UniNet iColor media transfer printers at