What to Include When Printing DIY Employee Badges

Human resources departments often use color label printers such as the Primera LX500 or Epson TM-C3500 to produce and print employee badges on demand. By using a color label printer, not only can you produce professional-looking name badges, you can also take advantage of color coding or include a photo ID. Whether you’re producing employee badges for the first time or revamping your current badge process, consider including the following components when printing your employee badges.

  • 76800072Company name and logo — Your company name and logo are a source of pride and identification, so make sure to include them prominently on your employee badges. If you own your own color badge printer, use your label design software to create a blank employee badge template complete with the company name and logo.
  • Employee name and photo — The main point of having an employee badge is to identify the person as an authorized employee. While including the person’s name is good, including the person’s name and a color photo is even better to ensure that the badge belongs to the person wearing it.
  • Color coding — Color coding is often underutilized in employee badges, yet it’s an easy means of quickly identifying departments or authorizations. For example, you could assign a color code of green for all warehouse personnel. With a quick glance, it’s easy to see if an employee is authorized to be in the warehouse area.
  • Barcodes — Barcodes are also a valuable addition to employee badges. Using your label and barcode design software, you can encode virtually any type of information you may need into the barcode. For example, you could use barcodes as a form of access control or for tracking purposes.
  • Expiration dates — It’s not a bad idea to reissue employee badges periodically, such as once per year. This allows you to keep name badges current as employees’ looks do change over time and badges tend to wear out with daily use. Finally, if you use temporary workers, you may want to use expiring name badges. These automatically reveal the word “void” in red 24 hours after being issued.

Having your own color name badge printer, label and barcode software, and name badge stock is more affordable than you may think, and it provides you with greater security and control. Contact a sales representative to learn more.