Best Place to Buy Primera LX500 Printers

LX500 label printer
Primera LX500 color label printer is sold by durafast label company

DuraFast Label Company Offers The Best Value For The Primera LX500 Color Label Printer

There are many resellers in the marketplace that are currently offering the Primera LX500 color label printer, so you definitely have plenty of choices when deciding where to purchase this product for your business. After thoroughly researching our competition, our company has discovered that we offer the best value on the LX500 or LX500c. 

Here’s a quick look at why it’s a good idea to buy the Primera LX500 or LX500c from our company versus purchasing the products from our competitors. 

The Best Price 

The list price of the Primera LX500 is $1295 whereas the list price of the LX500c is $1395. Many resellers are offering a $70 discount off the list price for the Primera LX500 while others are selling both of the printers for full price. 

Depending on the specific store, you can expect to pay $1225 to $1295 for the Primera LX500 and $1325 to $1395 for the Primera LX500c. Many resellers also provide free shipping, which is why the best deals on the Primera LX500 and LX500c seem to be very attractive to several customers. 

These such deals may be enticing to some customers, but nothing compares to the savings found at our company. DuraFast Label Company is proud to offer the best prices on the Primera LX500 and LX500c. 

Better Value 

Although a few of our competitors sell the Primera LX500 and LX500c for a similar price, DuraFast Label Company offers our customers several freebies including

  • Free shipping on orders within the continental United States
  • 15-day, no-hassle return policy
  • 30 days of exceptional technical support
  • Free telephone setup and installation support
  • Complimentary 1-hour bartender label design tutorial
  • $100 worth of additional free LX500 labels after rating your purchase
  • $150 worth of free LX500 labels when you use discount codes LX500 and LX500C 
  • Printer ships with one Primera 53374 Color Tri-Color ink cartridge

Great Overall Experience 

If you are thinking about purchasing the Primera LX500 color label printer from Newegg, Amazon, or Ebay, you may want to think twice before buying the product from these popular marketplaces primarily because you can’t communicate with the resellers before making the purchase and most of them do not accept returns or even offer support after you buy. There’s only one way to ensure that you receive the best price on Primera LX500 color label printer: Buy directly from DuraFast Label Company. Don’t forget that we also offer a hassle-free return policy and exceptional technical support. 

Do you need blank labels to use with your new Primera label printer? Contrary to other sellers that make you pay extra for these items, DuraFast Label Company provides $150 in free labels with every purchase of the Primera label printer. Just make sure that you use the special discount codes LX500 or LX500c when you check out at 

Once you receive the LX500 or LX500c, our company will give you $100 worth of additional LX500 labels if you rate the Primera color label printer after we send you a request for a review. The review should arrive to your email about two weeks after you receive the Primera color label printer. 

DuraFast Label is proud to offer these $250 in additional savings that can’t be found elsewhere.